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StudioPTBO is a new boutique agency. Our design and content teams come from two distinct disciplines—the world of graphic and web design, and the world of marketing and digital/social media. Studio N + PTBOCanada are happy to announce a joint working team to bring Peterborough and the Kawarthas the best of both worlds. We are a web design and social media marketing powerhouse, built to give “lift” to brands on the social web. StudioPTBO is at the forefront of the native advertising era, telling brands’ stories through engaging design and content that will leave a lasting and meaningful impression with consumers. We are the perfect blend of knowledge, passion, creativity, collaboration and customer service. Our custom content and web design is highly shareable and measurable. We are innovative and use BIG bold creative. At StudioPTBO we love to think outside the box to move your business forward.

10 things you should know about what StudioPTBO can do for you

  1. Together we build brands and create word-of-mouth buzz for your brand on the social web
  2. We build beautiful websites that have what businesses need to be successful and engage customers in the mobile, responsive world
  3. We work with brands to develop original branded content ranging from listicles to infographics that are easily digestible
  4. We create “social advertising” that resonates and encourages sharing among consumers
  5. We create multi-platform content/design strategies (online and offline), and marketing/PR tactics for getting your brand noticed
  6. We are experts at storytelling, using superlative design & content together with clever social media implementation
  7. We have built our reputations on being easy to work with & getting the small details right
  8. We find the right platform(s) to promote your business—from print, to web, to social media and more
  9. Our team is small and responsive, meaning we produce agency quality work with a lower overhead because of our size
  10. We always put your needs first as a client

a smooth blend of pro content marketing + web design

We keep the lid on costs while infusing many years of experience into a sweet blend of great ideas and campaigns that have flavour!

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